From the boardroom - June 2020

The Board of Directors is extremely pleased to welcome our Members back to the Club following our post Covid-19 reopening.  We hope that all members have remained safe during this unusual and difficult time.


While we remain constrained by capacity restrictions, it is pleasing to see the return of many familiar and new faces.


During our imposed shutdown, the Board undertook a review of several Club related activities. The results of our review are outlined below.  


A brief discussion of our financial position is also included.  A more detailed summary of the results from our extensive refurbishment, pre and post Covid-19, will be provided at the Club AGM later in the year.


All items presented below are subject to ongoing favourable Public Health Orders.



•    As the Club was forced to close for several months, the Board appreciates that Members have not been able to utilise our facilities during the lockdown period.

•    The Board has agreed that renewal of memberships will now be moved to a calendar year basis.  As a result, all memberships expiring at 30 June of any year will now expire at 31 December of that year (eg. a normal expiry date of 30 June 2020 will now expire on 31 December 2020).  

•    Future membership renewals will be conducted towards the end of each calendar year.

•    All new members who join between now and 31 December 2020 will have membership extended until 31 December 2021 for a single year membership and 31 December 2023 for a three-year social membership.


Badge Draw

The Member’s Badge Draw has now been extended to encompass additional days of the week.  The Badge Draw will recommence on Wednesday 1 July and will be carried out at the following times:

•    Monday - 5:00 pm

•    Tuesday - 5:00 pm

•    Wednesday - 8:30 pm

•    Thursday - 8:30 pm

•    Sunday - 6:.30 pm



•    Trivia buffs will be excited to see the return of our trivia night on Wednesday 1 July together with each subsequent Wednesday.


Friday and Sunday Raffles

•    Our Member’s Raffle days will return from Friday 3 July and Sunday 5 July.

•    A diversity of prizes will continue to be provided inclusive of quality meat trays.


Block Party

•    Families will be excited to know that the Block Party will return on Sunday 26 July with activities for the young and young at heart.

•    Our Caterers, Cascade Dining, are already planning a sumptuous offering for the day.



•    Our Function facilities were completed just prior to the imposed shutdown and are now fully operational.

•    Your Club can seat up to 200 people in our new auditorium when all Covid-19 restrictions are removed.

•    With current restrictions of one person per 4 m2, we can still provide you with an enjoyable function for 60 people – or 85 when the walls are removed from the meeting room space.

•    Cascade Dining are experienced function operators and have prepared affordable and quality function menus for your special events.

•    The restaurant and Club management are keen to provide a memorable experience for Members and their guests.  Members are encouraged to review the function packages on offer.

•    If you have requirements outside the function menu packages, please contact our office, or our Caterers, to design a function specific to your needs.

•    As a reminder, end of year function dates normally fill quickly.  If you are considering a function at the Club (Christmas or other), we recommend securing your booking as soon as possible.


Club Financial Position

•    Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 shutdown, the Club has managed to weather the storm.

•    Our major financier (CBA) has provided welcome support during the lockdown.

•    We have sought, and received, support from Government bodies in relation to Government Grants and cash flow relief (Job Seeker has been a substantial contributor to the retention of our quality staff).

•    Although the Club doors were closed, our investment portfolio (shares and property) continued to function during the lockdown.  We have been fortunate to experience above average growth in all areas of our investments, providing significant support to the cash flow of the Club during and post the lockdown.


Your Club will always exist for the local community.


We appreciate forever your loyalty and support of your Club.


For and on behalf of the Board,

Chris Webber        Graham Hartmann

Chairman              Treasurer

Club Belrose         Club Belrose


The Board and Management of Club Belrose are excited to provide you with an update of our renovations and are committed to providing a first-class destination venue for our community.

The Board and Management of Club Belrose are excited to announce the completion of the renovations of the Club.


Whilst there are still a few minor items needing completion, the Club is now operating out of its new footprint. This includes;

Cascade Dining - The latest dining sensation to hit the area, providing a new first-class menu to all areas of the Club. Sit down in the relaxed restaurant or on the Alfresco deck.

The indoor Kids play area is completed with four XBOX consoles and movies running continuously on the big screen. With glass all around the Kids area, you can keep an eye on the kids from the restaurant.

Along with the 2 new bar areas, we have an outdoor Beer Garden with Kids play area and a brand new 230 seat auditorium.


Check out the new function menu by clicking on the Event Tab or emailing the Club or Cascade Dining.

We thank you for your loyal patronage.

Kind Regards

The Board & Management of Club Belrose